Group Members

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Hyeshik Chang

Principal Investigator

A computational biologist loving molecules and numbers

Ari Hong

Graduate Student (Bioinformatics)

Decoding the codes controlling translation

Eun-jin Chang

Research Staff

Jun Kim

Visiting Scholar

A worm-lover

Undergraduate Trainees

Hanju Lee

Undergrad from School of Biological Sciences

Making the tailseeker algorithm more robust to the images with sub-optimal quality or substantially long poly(A) tails.

Yoojung Han

Undergrad from Dept of Biomaterials Engineering

Developing a new nanopore sequencing technique for single-cell RNA sequencing.

Eun Hwa Jo

Undergrad from Dept of Biological Sciences, Handong University

Analyzing the translation of SARS-CoV-2 RNAs.

Kim Nayeon

Undergrad from School of Biological Sciences

Completing an introductory quest.

Administrative Support

The administrative staff at the IBS Center of RNA Research is helping us (and other groups) with administration.